Why choose CastleHill Global as you education agency?

So you know that studying abroad is for you and you have decided to take that huge leap of faith. Now where do you start? For the majority of students the starting point is usually opting for the career path that they wish to follow. Once settled on this the next step is to decide on a course at an institute where you hope to learn and spend the next few years of your life. They’re 1000s of courses and locations to choose from and the course and student experience from one location to the other can vary considerably. Furthermore, some institutes may offer courses that are similar.

Similar-sounding courses can actually end up covering very different areas.
With so much to think about how do you go about finding your dream course at the location and university where you are most likely to shine? This is when many international students enlist the help of an education agency. A good education agent can provide invaluable advice and help you decide on an education provider which is best for you. They will take into consideration, your needs, interests, goals and navigate you through your career planning as well as aim to make the whole process smooth and hassle free.

So why choose CastleHill Global to be your education agent?

Bespoke Service
At CastleHill Global we understand that each student is unique therefore our service is personalised to each individual. Our counsellors are highly skilled, professional and friendly and take the time to understand your career goals and aspirations. Based on your educational background, employment history and personal preference they will offer you a tailored service and assist to place you at a university that you are happy with and where you are most likely to excel. 

Our application processing service will optimize your chances of acceptance at the institute selected through our counselling. We understand that the whole application process can be a tedious and a daunting experience so from the first contact made with us, right through to graduation we will be there for you, making us education specialists that you can truly rely upon.

Trained and accredited counsellors
Our counsellors are British Council and Education UK trained. They are equipped with up to date and thorough knowledge of the latest development in education and the development and changes with visa regulations and sponsor requirements. We have a very good working relationship with our partner universities and regularly take part in training sessions which they offer. Our service is transparent and we are committed to acting in the best interest of both our students and partner institutes.
Before proceeding with your application we ensure that you have been provided with information that is current and correct and ensure that you are adequately prepared in terms of language proficiency and academic attainment.

Over 150 institutes on our portfolio
With over 150 institutes including universities, colleges, english school on our portfolio, we offer our students a broad range to choose from. From city based locations to stunning scenic and historic locations set in the countryside. We have it all covered.

Free Services

All our services below are FREE of charge.
• Student counselling
• Application processing
• Around the clock update on the progress of your application
• Accommodation
• Airport Pick up
• Register with police/ doctor/dentist
• Setting up a bank account

For more information please visit our website www.chglobal.co.uk
To request a consultation email us on info@chglobal.co.uk

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