6 reasons to study English in the UK

Each year around 550,000 students travel to the UK to learn English.  With a reputation for academic excellence, fused with a rich cultural heritage, thriving cities and beautiful countryside, it is no wonder that the UK is a popular destination amongst international students.

English is a universal language, widely spoken around the world and the official language of over 50 countries.  Being able to communicate effectively in English can lead to enhanced opportunities whether it is for travel or work or both. Undeniably, the ability to speak proficient English is highly valued by employers and universities and for that reason a valuable investment into your future.

Whether you wish to learn English for personal development, to enhance your job opportunities or to progress on to studying at an English speaking university, we have put together 6 reasons why you should consider the UK.

  1. The birthplace of English

 Where better to learn English than from the home of English?  As with learning any language, the best way to learn it is to hear it, speak it, read it and practice it.  Naturally, the UK provides a complete immersion experience to learn and practice English outside the classroom. The advantage of being able to practice your English everyday situations is that you will get to learn about different dialects, accents, phrases which perhaps a classroom experience in a non English speaking country cannot provide. Being able to practice your English wherever you go will increase your confidence and fluency and there is nothing more fascinating than English which is spoken with a British accent!

  1.  World reputation for academic excellence

Studying English in the UK is highly regarded by employers all around the world. The English schools that CastleHill Global work with are accredited by the British Council. Accredited schools must offer high standards of teaching, management, resources, welfare and care for under18s and accommodation. Inspectors visit all schools to ensure that these standards are being met. The UK is proud of their world reputation so the stringent measures have been put into place to ensure that all courses meet a high standard.

  1. More than 100 Study locations

English schools are set in various locations across the UK from bustling cities, stunning scenic coastal lines, to locations rich in culture and heritage and the beautiful English countryside. Each region has something different to offer. The UK is a great place to explore and with good travel links, the whole country is your classroom.

  1.  Wide range of courses available

There are a wide range of English courses available in the UK, suitable for all ages and fluency levels, including: summer learning holidays for the whole family, intensive courses to help you in your chosen career, IELTs, English with business, general English. The list is endless.

Your learning will include a high level of participation and with small class sizes, there will be a plenty of interaction between students and teachers. Students are well supported during their studies, increasing their chances of success, confidence and enjoyment in their studies.

  1. Make lifelong friends

Choosing to study away from home allows you the opportunity to meet new people and make new friends from all across the globe. As well as learning English together, you get to learn about each other’s background, culture and traditions. Suddenly the world seems a smaller place.

  1. UK culture

The UK is seen as a destination of great diversity with London being the hub for many international students.  Across the UK there is plenty to do and enjoy with each part of the UK offering a unique experience. British cuisine has evolved over the last century from its colonial day.  Curry is classed as a favourite dish. Other than Indian food you can also enjoy cuisine at top class restaurants such as Italian, Chinese to Arabic restaurant and much more. You’ll be spoilt for choice wherever you go. Top British foods include roast dinner, fish and chips and pie.  As a multinational country, the UK has a number of other languages spoken across the country which include Punjabi, Portuguese, Arabic and French.

For entertainment there are cinemas, theatres, live music, seasonal food markets and carnivals.  There are a wide range of sporting venues and events on offer for the sports enthusiasts. Those who love the outdoors can take maximum benefit of the British landscape and enjoy mountain trekking, cave exploring or paragliding and much more. For those looking for the ultimate shopping experience,  London, Manchester, Leeds, York and Chester all offer their unique mix of independent boutiques, high street and designer shops. There are a variety of theme parks across the country to be enjoyed by the young and those who are young at heart.

These are just some of the reasons to why you should consider learning English in the UK.  At CastleHill Global, we have partnered with many reputable, accredited English Schools to provide you with a broad range of choice in the type of English course you need and also locations. We have helped 1000s of students secure a place on an English course out of which many go on to progress on to degree courses and English universities.

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